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Celebration of International Human Rights Day

A Report

Every year Jabala celebrates the Human Rights Day (10th December) with various cultural events, rallies and street performances to generate awareness on rights issues. This year too Jabala celebrated the day with a rally of more than 150 adolescents and youths, women groups, Social workers and government representatives. The rally started from Barrack Square Maidan and covered Laldighi, Mohan Mor, Rabindra Sadan, Police Line, and Samabayika Mor. The event generated huge interest amongst onlookers and motivated all the participants..

At the beginning of the program a group of adolescents’ girls visited the District Magistrate’s Office and tied the Hand Bands to all the employees. The program started at 11.15 am with the introductory speech by Mr. Arun Bhattacharya, Assistant Director, Consumer Affairs & FBP on legal provisions of Child Marriage and how a girl child is not physically & mentally ready for the marriage. Ms. Susan Barrett, Program Management Fellow, West Bengal Justice Resource Centre, Justice Venture International greeted the adolescents and youths for participating and expressed her happiness for being a part of this program.

Swami Vivekananda Welfare Society discussed

Tapas Goswami, Director and Founder, Balarampur Swami Vivekananda Welfare Society discussed the role of the adolescents and youths in combating Child Sexual Abuse, Trafficking and Child Marriage. He also added that ‘to prevent child trafficking, we have to first eradicate the practice of child marriage’. On behalf of Jabala Mr. Ratan Chatterjee welcomed the participants and discussed the importance of the International Human Rights Day and the objectives of the program.

Distribution of Caps, Badges and Hand Bands prior to the rally: Badges and Hand Bands and caps were distributed among the Guests, Adolescents and other participants and also among the selec- -ted stake holders who were taking part in that rally. Hand bands, displaying the message ‘Stop Child Marriage’, were tied to all the people gathered to watch the event by the participants.

District Child Protection Officer

District Child Protection Officer, Murshidabad Mr. Arjun Dutta officially inaugurated the rally expressing hope for a better world for the children. 150+ participated in the colourful rally. A Tableau was decorated which led the Rally and was fitted with mikes to inform masses on the issues and importance of the program.. Many onlookers came forward and asked various questions regarding the importance of the rally and the issue. The rally continued for one and half hour.

After the Rally poem recitation session was started where adolescents recited beautifully their selected poems followed by dance performances of the adolescent groups. The participants were asked about their feelings after the completion of the Program. They were overwhelmed after this rally and the cultural program. The SHG (Self Help Group) members and Mothers who took part in the procession were also in high spirits and told that they were very happy to participate in the program.

In the evening a Girls Football Match at Balarampur High School Maidan was organised. The football competition was held in between Jabala Hariharpara & Beldanga Girls Team. Beldanga Team won the match by 1-0. program was finally winded up at 4.All the Local News Channels (Electronics Media) covered the program and broadcasted.